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Programs and tools

Awareness programs, measures and tools

Concrete programs and measures are applied in all sectors of Loto-Québec’s operations in order to promote low-risk gambling habits and prevent loss of control.

Casinos and gaming halls

Bien joué! area

The Bien joué! area, created in 2006 under the name Centre du hasard, is a fun and interactive information kiosk at the heart of our gaming locations. Customers can visit this area to learn about our responsible gambling awareness tools and learn more about games of chance.

What’s the purpose of the kiosk?

The Bien joué! area seeks to:

  • INFORM customers on how games of chance work
  • BUILD UNDERSTANDING of the associated risks
  • RAISE AWARENESS of ways they can limit loss of control so their gaming experience remains positive


Where is it?
The Bien joué! and La Base areas are now located in the same spot, and are at all Québec casinos and gaming halls.

Support chain

Loto-Québec has implemented a support chain process in all its gaming establishments to provide immediate help to customers experiencing difficulties. All casino and gaming hall employees are trained to detect signs of distress and direct a security agent’s attention to the customer in question. Security team employees are trained to attend to customers until health network counsellors from an addiction rehabilitation centre, crisis centre or the CISSS (integrated health and social services centres) can take over.


  • All new employees must attend an awareness workshop on problem gambling. The three-hour workshop provides information on Quebecers’ participation in games of chance, problem gambling as well as in-house and publicly available support services.


  • Employees who took the awareness workshop on problem gambling also take the online training course J’y vois, j’y gagne!, which reiterates the information provided in the workshop.


  • The training course entitled Soutenir les personnes vulnérables, developed in cooperation with the Association québécoise de prévention du suicide, is given to casino investigators as well as gaming hall supervisors to give them the tools they need to provide effective support to customers in distress.
  • All employees responsible for serving alcohol to customers must take training called Action Service to learn how to serve alcohol responsibly and promote informed decision-making during gambling sessions.

Self-exclusion program

Customers who wish to stop frequenting gaming establishments and Loto-Québec’s online gaming site may choose to join the self-exclusion program. The program is confidential, free and bilingual. For more information, visit the Self-exclusion program page.

Other Québec casinos and gaming halls measures

  • No credit is granted to customers.
  • Access is prohibited to persons under 18 years of age.
  • The Gambling: Help and Referral help line (1-800-461-0140) is displayed on slot machines.

Lotoquebec.com, online gambling site

Gambling limits

Awareness measures are implemented to promote responsible online gambling and ensure players enjoy a positive gambling experience.

  • Deposit limits
    Players are required to set their weekly deposit limit when they open an Espacejeux account.
  • Spending limits
    Players may also set spending limits, i.e., the difference between the starting balance and ending balance in their account for a given period.
  • Time limits
    Players may establish a maximum length of time per day, per week or per month for gambling activities.



Players may ask lotoquebec.com to temporarily block access to their account.

Monitoring your gambling history

A good way to monitor your gambling habits is to review your gambling history. With just a few clicks, you have access to the history of the games you played. You also have access to the history of your financial transactions.


Players may ask Loto-Québec to block their access to lotoquebec.com for a period from three months to five years. This self-exclusion program is confidential and free. For more information, visit Self-exlcusion program.

Players who self-exclude from a Québec gaming hall or casino are not authorized to create an Espacejeux account on Loto-Québec's online gaming website.

Other measures

  • Age verification process using the personal information collected at registration and a confidential confirmation letter mailed to the registered customer.
  • Regular reminders of the time spent playing and amounts bet or spent.
  • Permanent clock to keep track of time.

Bars and restaurants with video lottery terminals

Preventive measures displayed on video lottery terminals

Players are encouraged to adopt low-risk gambling behaviour. When appropriate, retailers and their employees are encouraged to provide support to players in need.

  • Playing time is determined by the player at the start of the session (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes).  
  • The player’s account balance is displayed in dollars or credits to provide an accurate picture of winnings or losses.  
  • The 1-800-461-0140 Help Line number is displayed on the terminal’s upper screen.  
  • A responsible gambling message is displayed on the terminal’s upper screen.  
  • A clock is always displayed on the screen to help players keep track of time.  
  • An explanatory menu addresses the notion of chance.
  • The Stick to your limits [PDF] leaflet is available in the establishment.


All retailers and employees assigned to VLTs are required to undergo Taking Risks Is No Game training. The training enables them to be better informed regarding problem gambling, namely recognizing manifestation of loss of control, and knowing how and when to hand out information on the Gambling: Help and Referral helpline to customers who seem to be in need of help. The retailer must ensure that an employee having taken this training, is always present at each establishment site to refer those customers wishing help to specialized organizations.

Code of Responsible Commercialization

The Code of Responsible Commercialization [PDF] fosters responsible management of video lottery terminals (VLTs) in bars and brasseries. It defines the commitments the retailers and their employees must comply with and promotes the responsible management of VLT’s so that clients can enjoy entertainment with mitigated risks. It is an integral part of the agreement signed by the retailer.


Loto-Québec has adopted responsible commercialization measures to ensure that the Law prohibiting the sale of lottery products to minors is applied.

  • Loto-Québec’s “Ici, on carte!”  (Here, we card!) program consists in mystery shoppers visiting retailers. Retailers must refrain from selling lottery products to minors and ensure that employees take mandatory training on an annual basis.
  • Loto-Québec’s recognition program rewards retailers whose store meets all responsible lottery sales criteria.


Sports betting

Sports betting is increasingly popular

Sports betting has gained popularity in the last few years, and even more so since the arrival of single-event betting. This is due to the widespread media coverage it has received, and the many ads run by private operators. Loto-Québec, the only legal online operator of casino games and sports betting in Québec, offers a gambling website that is regulated, secure, and offers a ton of entertainment options.

Tools and tips to manage your gambling

We’ve implemented measures to build awareness, promote responsible online gambling, and ensure that our players’ gambling experience remains positive.

  • Deposit limit (required)
  • Loss limit (optional)
  • Breaks from gambling

About illegal gambling websites

Given the pervasiveness of illegal gambling websites and sports betting websites, it’s more important than ever for you to know that our website is regulated and secure, and the only legal casino and sports betting website in Québec. Loto-Québec offers games and venues that promote a positive gambling experience and educate players on how to lower their risk of developing a gambling problem.