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Self-exclusion program

Self-exclusion program

If you wish to stop frequenting its gaming establishments or online gaming site, Loto-Québec offers you the possibility to deny yourself access.

Self-exclusion from establishments

Self-exclusion enables players who choose to do so to deny themselves access to casinos and gaming halls for a predetermined period of time ranging from three months to five years. Registration in this program is irrevocable and the Espacejeux account is automatically closed. 

The self-exclusion program is confidential, bilingual and free of charge.

Self-exclusion from the online gaming site

Players may register in the self-exclusion program without requesting to be denied access to casinos or gaming halls. They may request to be denied access to online games for a period ranging from three months to five years.

The self-exclusion program is confidential, bilingual and free of charge.

Registration to self-exclusion program

To register to the program, go to:


For more information, see Self-exclusion program [PDF].


Self-exclusion help and support services

After signing up for the self-exclusion program, customers may receive, if they so wish, a call from a Gambling: Help and Referral (GHR) counsellor in order to obtain information on available support services and resources.

  • Customers are free to accept or reject any of the services or references offered by the GHR.
  • Customers who contact the GHR will speak to a counsellor from support resources available in their region and will be directed to the services that meet their specific needs. Customers may ask for the GHR’s ad hoc support at any time.


Customers may use the service throughout their self-exclusion period, even if they declined at the time they signed up for the self-exclusion program.

For further information on this offer of help and support services, call 1‑800‑461‑0140.

Gambling: Help and Referral is the ideal service to provide customers with specific information on all free resources available in Québec as well as other support services to meet their needs.

To learn more, see this document developed for players who decide to participate in the self-exclusion program: Your Self-Exclusion Program Summary [PDF].


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