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A day in the life of a slot machine

A day in the life of a slot machine

Welcome to the test zone for slot machine games.

Our machine will soon arrive.

William, our chief tester, welcomes the machine. He explains to the machine the tests it will undergo today.

It’s serious stuff, but rest assured our machine will not be mistreated!

Let’s have a look at what’s hidden inside the machine.

The machine contains an RNG. What the heck is an RNG, you ask? It is a random number generator. So, it generates numbers… randomly! The RNG runs continuously, never getting tired (a nice trait to have, wouldn’t you say?).

Interested in learning more about RNGs? Here you go…

When players hit Jouer (Play), the RNG randomly selects a winning or losing combination from among millions of available combinations. Players either win or lose; they never maybe win or maybe lose. They never “almost” win.

Machines have something in common with goldfish: they have no memory. Every spin is independent of the prior and following spins. Every spin is a brand new spin.

So what is the purpose of having an animation on the screen? It is simply there to provide an entertaining representation (cherry and 7 symbols, for example) of the numbers generated by the RNG.

The arrangement of symbols creates either a winning or losing combination. It is more fun for the player to see cherries lining up for a winning combination than a simple series of numbers, isn’t it?

Today, our machine successfully completed the compliance tests for all its components. Its RNG is operating correctly and can produce all the game’s possible combinations.

Millions upon millions of spins had to be generated to prove its compliance. Wow!

Our machine can be proud!

But don’t get too attached. It’s time to say goodbye because our machine is off to the casino to entertain loads of customers.